Many wonderful things happened when I met my husband. One of which was the introduction of stuffed hashbrowns into my life. How can you say no to an inside out baked potato with all the fixins’…for breakfast?! I’ve made them for many people over the years, including my parents, and even they felt a little disappointed that their lives thus far had been without these delicious potato-y morsels. And now that we have been reunited with our favorite cooking pan (it was hiding in post-house-fire storage for a few months), these little bad boys are even easier to make.

Boil 4 or 5 medium potatoes (makes 2) for 10 minutes (still a bit firm), drain, chill and grate onto a plate. Heat (medium) your favorite pan with a little olive oil and spread an even layer of potatoes to cook for 8 minutes per side. When crispy, yet delicious, stuff with chopped cooked bacon, shredded pepperjack cheese, sour cream and a few yummy green onions. Oh hell, if you’re feeling fancy, put a dollop on the top too.


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2 responses to “stuffed.hashbrowns

  1. I made sweet potato hash browns this morning and used your technique. I’d never tried boiling them first. They turned out perfectly!

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