People seem very surprised when we tell them that we write a weekly menu, and for the most part stick to it. Add that we spend a little less than $90 a week to feed 2 people, 3 meals a day, and you’ve got big eyes and straight up disbelief. How is this even possible!? Blasphemy! Not at all really. We write our menu before we hit the store (which we only go to once a week) and buy only what is on the shopping list. We don’t eat frozen/heavily processed foods (that’s a big hit to your food budget btw), and even make our own pizza dough (it’s so easy). Our lunches consist of leftovers, or in the event none are in the fridge, a sandwich, or in the husbands case Ramen noodles (I had my fill in college – I just can’t do it).

And it’s not like we’re just eating oatmeal and mac n cheese either. We still eat very well. This is the menu for this week. I’m quite looking forward to Saturday which is rib eye steaks and double fried Belgian fries. And yep, this entire week averages out to under 90 bucks.

Try popping your own popcorn either in an air popper or in oil on the stove and save yourself $5 a week if you’re a microwave person (we haven’t had a microwave for 5 months and honestly, I don’t really miss it). I bet if you gave it a try, you would notice an amazing difference in how much you spend at the store, and reduce a ton of food waste. Go for it. I dare you.

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