Wow. All I have been posting about is food lately. Which means of course that I’m so busy filling jewelry and knit cowl orders that I don’t have much time to do other crafty projects….A good problem to have? Perhaps.

Anyhoo. Tonight was another salmon experiment: Panko Salmon. Super easy: flour filets, dredge in egg and then cover in panko mixed with your choice of spices and throw in a non stick pan with some olive oil for 4 or so minutes a side. Done.

My point? The sauce that the husband has been making to go on top of the latest fish concoctions, a variation of his famous stroganoff sauce, is amazing.

  • 2 TB butter melted in a pan
  • Add approx 2 TB chopped/minced onion and saute with a TB or so of garlic
  • After your onion starts to ‘clear’ add 2 TB of flour to make your rue
  • Add 1 cup warm water with bullion or stock as you see fit
  • Boil while whisking 2-3 minutes and remove from heat to cool down
  • Add 2 -3 TB of sour cream, warm – add salt and pepper to taste

This is the base of awesome. Seriously. And to switch it up we’ve been adding things like jalapenos and cilantro to step 2. Great flavor you would think was from a restaurant. Go ahead. Try it. Top your favorite ______ with this sauce and a few chopped green onions and thank me later.

(post is lacking photos due to immediate inhalation of food)

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