Making your own stock is not only far cheaper than store bought broth and those silly melting stock cubes, but super easy as well. We save all of our veggie scraps (the peelings from carrots, celery ends, onion bits, etc) as well as any bones from chickens or in today’s case, our Thanksgiving turkey. Instead of boiling the goods down like most folks do, we use our super sassy pressure cooker. Throw in your scraps and 3-4 cups of water and set to high pressure for 80-90 minutes. After it has cooked down, stir and set for another hour. At this point your bones should be soft enough to have released all of the nutrients and yummies from the marrow and your veggies should be pretty unrecognizable. Strain all the gunk out and cut with 4-6 cups of water. Freeze in baggies and use in the place of the store bought stuff. The tomato soup I made yesterday with my stock instead of a Costco box of chicken broth was the best batch I have ever made!



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