One of the many cool things about living in Alaska is the seasonal salmon runs. It’s a haven for fishermen of all kinds. While some fish with poles, we subscribe to the resident only method of dip-netting. A large 5 foot round net is attached to a 12+ foot pole and set at the mouth of the river to scoop up delicious, vibrant salmon as they run to their spawning ground. Picture hundreds of people, shoulder to shoulder, rocking the latest fashions in Fishing Chic, pulling fish out the water as fast as they run. Well, the speed thing depends on what’s running, and this year they were slow. We fell short of our target but had a good time regardless and scooped up our first flounder, which I have lovingly named Pete.


All the filets have been processed and the bellies and spare bits have been marinated and ‘smoked‘ and let me tell you…this stuff is good. Like, can’t stop eating it good. Fatty, salty, sweet. Yum.

sink fish

We may try our luck again this weekend, or we may call it good. Either way, life is pretty excellent and even tastier when you work for it yourself.

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