I love popcorn. I think it should be a required meal of the day. I love popcorn so much that I have been known to go to the movies just for the popcorn – crappy movie be damned. But a movie and theater popcorn (which I’m sure is just styrofoam with engine grease on it…..but really tasty styrofoam and grease…) gets expensive quickly. So when the urge strikes (and it does often) we pop a kettle on the stove top and it’s just as good and so.much.cheaper.

  • Cover the bottom of your pan of choice with oil (we use a large kettle/stock pot with olive oil
  • Add 1 TB butter to the pot
  • Cover the bottom of the pot with popcorn kernels (our pot holds a little over a cup)
  • Cover the pot and turn the burner to a few clicks below “high” and wiggle lightly here and there to make sure nothing sticks or burns

Your corn should begin popping within a few minutes and be done in 2-3 after it starts. When you hear the kernels slow down, turn the burner off, and when they are 3-5 seconds apart, remove from heat. Salt as you like and serve! Not as healthy as airpopped, but definitely leaps and bounds better for you than microwave popped chemicals. And the whole project cost you $1 tops.



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