Each time I open the freezer to grab something yummy the halibut cheeks mock me. I wasn’t eating them…yet. Last night we finally pulled one of our favorite parts of the fish out for dinner and it was super yummy. And like lots of great food, the simpler the prep, the better the end result.

  • Pat cheeks dry with a paper towel and set aside
  • Heat cast iron skillet on medium heat until a generous dollop of butter and some bacon grease (we save it in a can in the freezer just for special occasions like this) melt
  • Sprinkle cheeks with salt, pepper, garlic salt, cayenne, onion powder, etc and add to pan
  • Flip the bits after 2 minutes and lightly season the remaining side
  • Your fish bits should be finished in another few minutes (2-3) and viola! Time to eat.

You can use small chunks of any fish with the same result and it’s amazing. Simple yet delicious.


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