After polling the customers in my shop and realizing they were super interested in jarred herbs and things year round (not just at the Farmers Market) I have started an extra grow project in our greenhouse (read: spare bedroom). Recycled jars that I’ve been hoarding forever (because some day I will need them!) have been filled with a layer of river pebbles (for drainage) and dirt, and topped with all sorts of herb seeds…from basil, to oregano, rosemary and cilantro, I’m ready to grow some delicious countertop greens for folks.

And then there were the tin cans….I couldn’t let them go to waste without a purpose, so those are holding a mix of greens made especially for cats. It encourages them to chew and gives them vital things they need (that’s what the package said so I’m sticking to it). Another layer of river rocks for drainage, some dirt, and seeds and viola! Cat grass! I’ve been wracking my brain for a cool label (because no one wants my actual white bean/corn/black bean cans) and poked through the fabric stash to come up with a quick no fuss cover. Measure, cut, hold glue. Done.


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