I recently took a quick trip back to NY to visit the family and drink beer I don’t normally have access to (there were also chicken wings, but that’s a story for a different time). I had forgotten how choosing a salad for the 3 of us to have with dinner was a little Three Little Bears. My dad likes straight iceburg lettuce. I like the plain iceburg with a few extra frills (actual lettuce bits) but my mom is really into what I call “grass clipping” type salads – all the greens and then some. So when I’m not there playing Middle Bear, they lettuce spectrum is pretty wide. After a bit of discussion, we got some seeds and a box and my mom is on her way to growing her own “grass clipping variety lettuce” all for herself!

It’s the cheapest and easiest every day kinda eats you can do and with even just a small container, you’ll be in greens all summer. I dump the entire seed pack in the box and as the little shoots grow in, they are thinned into salads and garnishes, and if you vary where you clip, the plants will continue to produce for you well into the fall. Lettuce likes it cool, with a little sunlight, but not baking all day. Keep well watered and they will reward you in kind.




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