It has been a fabulous season, not only our own little urban garden, but for Alaskan gardeners in general. The weather has been amazeballs, which is producing amazeball veg at great prices from the farmers market. But of course, all good things must come to an end at some point…and last night that meant I was a panicked picker using the light from my iPhone and a headlamp to pull the green tomatoes from our hanging planters and bring the large pots inside…..there was a freeze warning. I had been tempting fate the previous 3 nights as people threw around terms like “frost” and “harvest” and “do it, really, or you’ll be sorry.” But when measuring the level of heartbreak and waste my little attitude could cause me, I decided it was do or die, and raided the garden at 10pm after orchestra rehearsal (that’s what you do, right?)

These little beauties just came from the 4 hanging plants and will slowly counter ripen on their own. We will use them as they are ready. The additional free potted toms have been moved into the Living Room Tomato Spa to ripen on the vine. Many are close and have a few starting to turn – the warmer temps should help that along. And it’s funny to look at the dog through all the foliage – she looks like some sleek little carrot eating jungle cat. Or something.


But of course there is always a little dish of partially ripe orphans on the counter throughout the summer. Things get bumped, or the wind kicks up…or those stupid magpies get a little crazy…I just love the colors. Without sounding sappy and sentimental, isn’t nature pretty? And of course, delicious too.

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