I have never been a fan of radishes – they have always just been too “bitey” for me. Yet, I grow them. Why? Who knows. But for years I just gave them away. But last year when I discovered roasted radishes, that free radish gravy train for my friends stopped running (sorry guys).

Tonight I added a new recipe to the repertoire, and this one uses those yummy greens. And guys. It’s super good.

Clean your radishes and remove the greens, setting aside. Remove the ends and quarter the bulbs and add to a pan with some rough chopped onion, a bit of butter and some of that awesome bacon grease you’ve been keeping in your freezer (Oh? You don’t save it? Why the hell not?!).

Sauté over medium heat for 5-10 minutes or until radishes and onions are softened. Add your clean and rough chopped greens, wilting for 2-3 minutes. Salt, pepper, cayenne, whatever to taste and serve.

Guys. It’s so good. And super minimal waste heading into the composter. Now go. Go do it! Sauté radishes and greens!


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4 responses to “urban.garden.radish.fry

  1. Diane Fargen

    I didn’t plant radishes… we ran out of pots… and since there is a ground hog problem here…. but this sounds great.. will have to wilt other greens with it.. Thanks for the idea.. I haven’t used radishish like this before cause I do like them fresh …

  2. dikf54

    I have to get my radishish from the grocery as we have ground hog issues here.. I will have to try this with a different green like spinash or kale. Thanks for the idea.. I usually just eat them chopped up in a green salad..

  3. Janey W.

    Somewhere online I came across a recipe for Bread and Butter Pickles which used radishes to “top up” the amount of cucumbers required. The blog writer had run out of cucumbers while making the pickles. (I do not have the recipe at hand at the moment.)
    Thinly sliced, the result is very similar in taste – except for a bit of “pinkness” at the bottom of the pickle bottle.

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