So, I adopted some dogs. Stray dogs. From another country. Because that is totally normal, right? It’s like this. The man and I were on a vacation in Turks and Caicos, and my friend Sara was fostering 3 4 week old puppies on Pine Cay. It took me approximately 12 seconds to immediately fall head over heels and claim the black one for my own (then Bernie). My dude had a better handle on his emotions and waited an additional .2 seconds to claim the little brown one (then Josie), as his eyes glazed over with stupid puppy love. Each day of our vacation we played these guys and their brother Bruiser (now Harley). Come to find out, the puppies weren’t travel-able until they were 8 or so weeks old….So I had to bite the bullet and go back. To a beautiful island country to claim some puppies. Life is really hard, guys.

puppy capture

I mean. How could you not plotz over these cuties?!

Rizzo (the little brown girl) and Gizmo (fluffy black boy) made their cross continental journey from TCI to Alaska (on an adventure neither Sara or I will forget. Cab rides in NYC, pizza, peeing literally everywhere) and we just celebrated their 1st Gotcha Day on March 1st. No one told me having puppies was basically like adopting toddlers, and it was a little touch and go there for a bit. We lost a whole lot of teeth (where do they come from?!) and the house is officially rug free (So.Much.Pee.). I was also quite sure my life was going to become a very Charles Dickens-esque as I was no longer able to work, lost the house and we would be begging for more gruel on the street. But we all got our collective shit together, and the Idiot Twins learned how to shake last week.

So, what the hell is a potcake anyway? “The potcake dog is a mixed-breed dog type found on several Caribbean islands. Its name comes from the congealed peas and rice mixture that local residents traditionally eat, as the overcooked rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot would be fed to the dogs. Although appearance varies, potcakes generally have smooth coats, cocked ears, and long faces. A group of potcakes is known as a parliament.” Basically, they are really expensive stray dogs. But they were worth every penny and are basically the little loves of our lives. Even if I do refer to them as Adorable Assholes and have threatened to sell them to strangers in Eastern Europe.

There is a fantastic rescue operation in Turks called Potcake Place K-9 Rescue. You may have seen them mentioned in any number of articles about walking puppies in paradise on your vacation. And it’s true. Visitors are able to walk and chill with puppies while in Provo, which helps socialize and exercise these little cuties. They are always looking for donations and sadly the puppies never stop coming. There is a super easy donate button on their page. I just donated a portion of the proceeds of my Potcake Mom necklace sales to Potcake Place. These folks absolutely love these dogs and it shows.

Of course no one is surprised to hear that the cakes have their own Instagram page. Because, c’mon. Duh. Head over and give them a follow. I know I’m totally biased, but they are pretty adorable.


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So. We’re all stuck safe at home. What better time to send a letter or a note to reach out and responsibly touch someone? (Because who actually uses their phone for that talky talk function..? Weird.)

I have been sending notes every few days to my grandmother in her nursing home that is under lockdown in NY. I have also been taking the opportunity to tackle my reply pile and it feels pretty damn good. With the addition of 2 puppies (which one of you forgot to tell me that puppies are like toddlers!!?!) and a total hustler show and work schedule, my beloved snail mail penpals went a little neglected. However! No more!!!

It has been such a lovely treat to sit at my writing desk and let my peeps know all the new happenings in my life. Divorce. Dogs. Engagement. Travel.


You should totally send some mail, too. Right? Don’t have stamps and can’t shouldn’t go to the post office? Hit up usps.com. They ship right to your door. It’s pretty awesome. Now, go forth and snail the mail!

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Ok. I know it’s not quarantining – it’s social distancing that we are doing these days – but the alliteration is just too good.

So. Yeah. These times, ammiright? I have watched by regular income evaporate, and have actually welcomed the chance to be a little more creative. As we adjust to these crazy new times, I have challanged myself to make a new pair of earrings a day. Without the need for constant production (which is a very complex mathematical equation of materials vs time to the 3rd power, taking into account the barometric pressure, etc), I have been able to sit, joyfully, at the bench and play. It has been so fun! And I plan to continue this project for the forseeable future. The pieces are uploaded immediately to the Etsy shop as well as my business Facebook page. Here are a few of my favorites so far. Have an idea or suggestion? I would love to hear it!

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I have never been a fan of radishes – they have always just been too “bitey” for me. Yet, I grow them. Why? Who knows. But for years I just gave them away. But last year when I discovered roasted radishes, that free radish gravy train for my friends stopped running (sorry guys).

Tonight I added a new recipe to the repertoire, and this one uses those yummy greens. And guys. It’s super good.

Clean your radishes and remove the greens, setting aside. Remove the ends and quarter the bulbs and add to a pan with some rough chopped onion, a bit of butter and some of that awesome bacon grease you’ve been keeping in your freezer (Oh? You don’t save it? Why the hell not?!).

Sauté over medium heat for 5-10 minutes or until radishes and onions are softened. Add your clean and rough chopped greens, wilting for 2-3 minutes. Salt, pepper, cayenne, whatever to taste and serve.

Guys. It’s so good. And super minimal waste heading into the composter. Now go. Go do it! Sauté radishes and greens!


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I always have a candle on the stove, especially when I am cooking for someone else (it’s an earthy kitchen witch thing). However, somehow today I was out of my regular jarred candles. What?! This just cannot be. Of course standard tapers were on hand, but definitely not a standard taper holder.

Solution? Simple. Raid the pantry for jars and dry goods and ta-da! Let’s get cooking.

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What the hell is onion jam? Think of carmelized onions in a concentrated and ready to go form. Spread it on burgers, fancy sandwiches, plop it on an over the top boujie pizza. You name it, you should eat it. And you know what? It’s super easy to make.

Rough cut 9-10 large onions. Feel free to use whatever you have around or mix and match red, yellow, white, etc. And if you have some shallots or garlic kicking around? Chop those up as well.

Put your cut onions in a large pot or dutch oven with a large half cup of brown sugar.

Cook these down until they are browing and you start to get those yummy fronds on the bottom of the pot. This can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the water content in your onions. Stir as needed.

When your onions have cooked down, add 2 cups red wine (straight outta the box, yo!) and 6 TB of balsamic vinegar. Add 3/4 tsp salt and 3/4 tsp pepper. A little bit of thyme would probably be a great idea because thyme is amazeballs.

Cook this down until it reaches a nice thick consistency and add to sterlized jars. Water bath for 10 minutes.

Allow to then sit for 24 hours before storing, gifting, or stuffing face.


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It is the end of the season and thus the rhubarb has been culled.

After all the bits and ends were trimmed, I ended up with about 20 pounds from 3 plants. Crazy, right? And after passing off a few stalks to a friend, it was time to make some sauce.

Trim the icky bits and wash the “nature”‘off of your stalks, then cut into 1 1/2 – 2 inch chunks and drop into a pot.

Add 3/4 – 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water.

If you over estimated your strawberry consumption and have some dying in the fridge, add those to the pot as well….

Bring to a simmer and stir every few minutes until the sauce reaches the consistency you like (probably about half an hour).

After your sauce is finished you can freeze or can….personally I don’t like rhubarb that has been frozen – I find it gets kinda woody and string-like even after being cooked. However, I also don’t like pulp in my lemonade or nuts in bread….so maybe you don’t notice…

This stuff is great just like applesauce. My favorite? Warm a bit in the microwave and add a spoonful of ice cream….just like amazeballs pie ala mode. Yum!!

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