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I played the stand up bass for many a year back in my school days. I’m sure I complained about it (I’m really good at complaining) and my mom says I wanted to quit the orchestra every year but she would make me wait until the end of the year. Well, the year ended, then another began, and eventually I was first chair in my section and it was pretty awesome. I didn’t practice a lot but somehow managed to make it into some pretty great orchestras and competitions (I’m also very modest). After school I left for college, then moved across the country, but had always been sort of looking for a bass to play again. Thanks to an awesome friend and neighbor who routinely scours Craigslist for instruments, I came across my new love: Ethel.


I bought her from a woman who plays the violin in a local amateur orchestra and she encouraged me to audition. A few weeks ago I finally sent the message inquiring about further info and got a call yesterday giving me all of perhaps 2 weeks to prepare. So instead of freaking out that I’m not ready (see the no practice thing above) I bought more music and took some fun pictures instead.


The piece the director alluded to wanting to hear is in the mail, and I have a feeling I played it once upon a time, many moons ago…so we’ll see if I’m brave enough to try the audition on a week’s worth of work. The funny thing about all of it is that bass lines in almost all orchestral selections are super duper easy and involve a steady beat and ability to count more than any sort of fancy finger work. Solo level to audition: 8; Level to play in a community orchestra: 4.


I hope I do well and don’t fart or swear or drop my music (all of which have happened in the past) and am actually looking forward to shopping for concert garb. But I’m definitely not putting the cart before the horse here as there’s a lot of work to do in a short period of time…Wish me luck!


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