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I finally finished that awesome checkerboard baby blanket! And just in time to blog about it on the fabulous Robin’s Crafting Mommy of Two blog. You get to see the finished piece, snag a free pattern, and learn a little more about me! (I used to throw clay – the cool kid way!)


guest blog

Click the image for a direct link to the blog post. Hooray!

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reblog:Guest Post: Fan and Feather Lovey — Free Pattern

I am so tickled Natasha asked me to do a guest post on her awesome blog. And what better project to blog about..!?

Alaska Knit Nat

Today I have the honor of hosting a pattern by the ever-so-lovely Annie Ciszak Pazar, owner of Anchorage’s Bella Boutique and author of the crafty blog Annie’s Arts and Follies.

I’ve always admired this lady for her unique jewelry and undying motivation for knitting big ol’ scarves and cowls.

Recently a mutual friend of ours had a baby — today actually! I felt like there was no better day to showcase the stunning blanket Annie made for her new little girl. So I’ll hand it over to Annie:

I have a blanket on my bed which I affectionately call Lovey. Lovey was a gift from my grandmother at my mother’s baby shower for me, 30-some years ago. Lovey is still around. And on my bed. Needless to say I have a very tolerant husband and perhaps some slight attachment issues. So when it comes time to make special soft and cuddly…

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It seems everyone I know is expecting these days (if you don’t think you are, you better check again) and I have been a baby blanket making fool. Coincidentally, I have also been a guest blogging fool! Keep an eye on Alaska Knit Nat‘s blog for a tutorial on the famous Lovey blanket (feather and fan), and the fabulous Robin of Crafting Mommy of Two has asked me to tell you about the latest checkerboard blanket.


I make the blankets for folks I know will appreciate them (not everyone “gets” 40-50 hours of one’s time as a gift) and it is the absolute best feeling when the recipient gets really excited. It is the definition of ‘warm and fuzzy.’

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I’m sure my friends and family are sick of me talking about this silly blanket nonstop, but honestly I’m pretty darn tickled that a) I had my sh*t together enough to finish it for the Fair b) had the huevos to enter it into a state competition and c) take home a ribbon! Woo hoo! It was a lot of work, but for the first time, aside from weaving ends, it is totally mistake free – (I pat myself on the back for that, too). And being the masochist that I am, I am contemplating making another one….why not, right? What colors this time?

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I’m working on a another fan and feather blanket, but this one is destined to be entered into the state fair this summer. I will even be teaching myself ( or, *gulp* asking for help) to crochet a little floral border. Exciting stuff!


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