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My dad has talked about the smell of anticuchos on the streets of Lima for over 40 years. So when we went back, obviously we had to have some of these grilled and marinated beef hearts, STAT. Our friends and guides took us to the most famous anticucheria in the city and they definitely didn’t disappoint. For about $5 each you got 2 skewers of meat and a potato. It also came with so many great sauces on the side ranging in heat from mild to melt your face (we liked all of it). Before we left the city, the husband declared we needed more anticuchos lest he ‘pull a Larry’ and talk about them for decades, so we found another joint that specialized in these treats (our first stop was closed on Sundays. Sad face.). In addition to beef heart, we tried a skewer of chicken heart and I found them to be equally as amazing (husband would have preferred them grilled just a bit longer). We are definitely going to be giving these a try here at home and made sure to stock up on some important ingredients like chilis and of course, the recipe. AjiPanca_paste


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I love grilling season because that means I get to make my no fail, no fuss, life changing salmon. It’s super easy and guaranteed to impress anyone you serve.

  • Quickly spray your salmon filet lightly with olive oil (we have a Misto and it rocks)
  • Sprinkle with a dash of salt, pepper, garlic salt, & cayenne
  • Drizzle a few lines of honey across the filet and give 2 quick squirts of lemon juice to the top
  • Place the filet skin side down on your grill grate (a nice medium heat) and cook for 13-15 minutes depending on the size of your filet. Don’t flip it!
  • Using a spatula simply pull the fish from the skin and serve. You can just peel the skin from the grate when it cools – no more skinning!

Since salmon is best served a little on the medium side this finishes your piece with just the right amount of moisture and is packed full of flavor despite the short ingredient list. I doubt you’ll have any leftovers to deal with.

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