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I drink a lot of coffee. Which is funny because I hated the stuff (even the smell) until I worked in a coffee shop in college. Now I am a hopeless addict who needs her fix rather regularly (My name is Annie and I’m very ok with admitting that). But when it gets really hot in the summer (hey, 70* is hot to some people!) I prefer iced coffee. Thanks to a pinterest post which lead me to a blog post by the Pioneer Woman I brewed up my first batch a few weeks ago, and the second last night.

Start with a 7 Liter food safe container like those found in restaurant supply stores, and add 3/4 – 1 lb of ground coffee to the container. The more coffee, the stronger the end result…Fill with water to the top of your container and stir to make sure all the grounds have participated in the bathing process. Cover and wait (or go do something else – I recommend that) for 8 or so hours.

After my brew of love has been sitting for the appointed time, I grab my trusty strainer and throw a coffee filter into in, then perch it atop a large pitcher (also from the restaurant supply store) and slowly add my coffee/water mixture to strain, cup by cup. The batch makes enough to fill a growler to be left in the fridge (it lasts longer when sealed) and the large pitcher to pour from as I need (NEED!).

Add ice and whatever special additions your addiction needs (a little milk and some sugar free vanilla syrup, please and thank you) and enjoy! This prep saves a ridiculous amount of money in the long run and it makes my wallet and husband happy.

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