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  1. Dead as a Doornail – Charlaine Harris
  2. Later, At the Bar – Rebecca Barney
  3. Definitely Dead – Charlaine Harris
  4. All Together Dead – Charlaine Harris
  5. From Dead to Worse – Charlain Harris
  6. Dead and Gone – Charlain Harris
  7. Dead in the Family – Charlain Harris
  8. Dead Reckoning – Charlaine Harris
  9. Deadlocked – Charlaine Harris
  10. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carrol
  11. Wideacre – Philippa Gregory
  12. The Favored Child – Philippa Gregory
  13. Meridon – Philippa Gregory
  14. Pope Joan – Donna Woolfolk Cross
  15. The Kingmaker’s Daughter – Philippa Gregory
  16. Wickett’s Remedy – Myla Goldberg
  17. Life of Pi – Yann Martel
  18. Annie John – Jamaica Kincaid
  19. Girls in Trucks – Katie Crouch
  20. The Potty Mouth at the Table – Laurie Notaro
  21. Dead Ever After – Charlain Harris
  22. The Other Queen – Philippa Gregory
  23. The Weird Sisters – Eleanor Brown (8040 pages)

8040 pages read thus far & only 17 more books to reaching my goal of 40 for the year. I haven’t been doing much reading from “the list” but have a few good ones in the bunch. I was quite pleased with Pope Joan and passed it along to my mother who thought it was pretty great as well. It’s about the legend of a female pope in the 9th century – cool stuff and interesting theories! Other than that I may have now read everything Philippa Gregory has ever written, but that may not be true – stay tuned for more. Ha!


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