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I’ve always had fun over the years carving funky pumpkins – makes me feel like I’m putting that art degree to good use. The first was a great rendition of Bill Cosby, and the second Hillary Clinton (I was visiting my parents and knowing my father loathes Hillary, it was obviously the perfect luminary). This year’s pumpkin was a tough call….Sarah Palin? Ed McMahon? Bea Arthur? My obsession with the Golden Girls is well known, and Bea being the obvious choice, meant it obviously could not be chosen. So, drawing on my torturous Catholic upbringing, I thought the Pope would be a hoot. (It’s sort of a theme in our house – there’s a picture of JP the Deuce that hangs in our bathroom and is lovingly referred to as The Poopin’ Pontiff).

The first step is mapping out the areas which will be white, or actually cut out.

Next, poke small holes with a pin around the areas which you will flesh out, or just remove the heavier pumpkin “skin.”


After you’re done taking the top layer off, set a candle or light source inside, light, and allow your parents to be proud of all that money they spent on art school….so you could learn how to carve pumpkins….


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