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To be fair this recipe comes from one of those community compilation books. In fact, the recipe comes from my 90 year old grandmother’s good friend Marion. Now, I have never actually seen Marion smile, but she makes a damn good fruit cobbler. 

This latest batch is strawberry and rhubarb – about 2 1/2 cups worth of fruit. And it is amazeballs. Add some vanilla ice cream? And you will verbalize things like “insert eye roll here.”

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Biscuits with dinner were a big thing at my house, and that meant that we got to scoop up lots of my mother’s famous strawberry freezer jam. It was always a hit at bake sales, and my cousin has been known to eat it straight from the jar. I have always been desperate to have a supply on hand….

I recall the year that for whatever reason mom hadn’t planned to make a new batch…she claimed we had missed strawberry season and would have to wait until next year. My heart was broken. Now, I’m not sure if that was an excuse to not have to process the berries, or if there really was a shortage, but I managed to drag home a massive overflowing flat of berries which I scored for $2 at the Springville Market. I saved the day! Of course we don’t need to discuss that the berries were on the edge and needed to be made that night and my poor mother did all the work herself…I just knew I was going to have jam.

I lost the last of my stash of my own freezer jam to the fire last year, and finally just now replenished my stock. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make (follow the directions on the box of Sure Jel) and outrageously delicious to eat. And lucky for me, the husband isn’t a big jam eater…I don’t have to share! I get the same rave reviews my mother does (I’m so modest), and plan to keep the tradition alive. But for now I’m off to stuff my face with fresh jam and freshly baked bread… *swoon*

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August 14, 2012 · 8:27 pm