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I posted about stuffed hashbrowns way back in 2011. Since then I had a little brush with fame and the recipe was posted in a magazine (but don’t worry, I’m still super humble about it and haven’t let it make my already huge ego any bigger. Because come on, girl still needs to walk through doors.). I also have made it once or twice and today was no exception.

We couldn’t decide what to do for breakfast, and I have been having this weird texture thing with eggs lately (it’s just a phase). So, a quick scan of the kitchen and stuffed hashbrowns (with a few tweaks) was the obvious answer. Aside from using some leftover ham (I scored a 9 pound ham for $12. How do you NOT buy it and use it for allthethings?!) and shredded jack cheese as opposed to pepperjack (And no, I don’t actually use frozen hashbrowns. Ick. That was a change the magazine wanted to make for “ease of use for the regular homecook.”), today’s version was the same. And oh so good!

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